Lenten Love

Her understanding of human anatomy needs some work, but I was pleased that she recognizes in a preschool way how God created people in His image, and they reflect His image in their generosity and thoughtfulness toward their neighbors. God felt so strongly about it that He included commands to care for and love one’s neighbors.

Lenten practice of the church includes alms-giving to care for the less fortunate. In reflecting the goodness and liberality of God Himself, we fulfill our purpose—and it feels good to love our neighbors as ourselves.

As Pastor DeGroot proclaims the Gospel of Christ to families and individuals, immigrants and native Philadelphians, he finds many opportunities to care for those in need. He and his wife Melissa have organized food distribution of donated food from Trader Joe’s each week and have closets of clothing available to those who need it. Pastor DeGroot refers people to social agencies to help meet needs of housing and employment support. By trying to meet the physical needs of the people he meets, Pastor DeGroot exemplifies the giving spirit we all pray to have.

In the end, however, we cannot guarantee that this life will be free from hardship and toil, so the benefits of physical assistance must exist within the work of the church.

We are able to guarantee the spiritual benefit of sending a loving pastor to offer people the ultimate good in the forgiveness of sins and liberty from the bondage of sin.

May Christ continue to use us to generously care for those in need, both in body and soul, especially this Lenten season.

Please consider how you might join us in loving our neighbors in Philadelphia.