Summer Vicar

VicarIn May, Kyle Richardson, a young man originally from Shelbyville, Indiana, arrived for an urban summer vicarage. He was eager and ready for the tasks he had to do here and participated from the very beginning in seven-mile community walks to parishioners’ houses, preaching twice a month, teaching the adult Bible studies on the weeks that he did not preach, along with helping every Saturday with the pick-up of our food donation from Trader Joe’s.

This summer vicarage came about as a partnership with the Synod’s Office of Urban and Inner City Mission which awarded Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries a grant to help cover some of the costs of hosting a vicar.

We are grateful for the support and coordinated efforts of the Synod Office to ensure that seminary students are introduced to urban mission work and to the need of the city for the Gospel of Christ. Vicar Richardson adapted quickly to the context of urban mission. I was reminded by his presence that Our Gracious Lord continues to faithfully provide men for His service.ShepherdVicar Richardson, Rev DeGroot and volunteers interact with members of the community at the bus stop in front of Shepherd of the City.