Catechism Resources

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther gave the Church a wonderful gift in his 'Small Catechism.'

In his simple exposition of the chief articles of the Christian faith, he provided us with a model for ministry, church planting, worship, and the entirety of the Christian life.

The Small Catechism is at the heart of all that PLM does. We constantly return to and meditate on the words the Six Chief Parts. 

It is our hope and prayer that these resources will help you as you continue to walk the narrow path of the Christian life, always looking to the crucified Lord as your Salvation.

Each section below will link you to podcasts, essays, and sermons that deal specifically with each section of the small catechism. Since pure doctrine cannot be separated from pure preaching, there are also links to Sundays whose propers (appointed prayers and readings) deal specifically with the given commandment, article, etc. 


The Ten Commandments

The Creed

The Lord's Prayer



The Sacrament of the Altar

Life in Christ Curriculum